Local Conversations

Fairbank 12/01/2009
Sheltered Housing Forum 13/03/2009
Woodstock Court 14/01/2009
Spath Lane 14/01/2009
Investment Sub Group 15/01/2009
Housing Serivces Group 15/01/2009
Halliwell Ucan Management Board 19/01/2009
Broughton CA 20/01/2009
The Mere 20/01/2009
Estate Committee 20/01/2009
Robert Saville Court 20/01/2009
Customer Care/E & D Group 21/01/2009
Grassroots 22/01/2009
ASB Working Group 22/01/2009
Tenant Participation Committee 27/01/2009
Estate Management iN Panel 29/01/2009
Lettings, Voids & Homelessness iN Panel 30/01/2009
Kelton Park 30/01/2009
Bradshaw Residents Meeting 02/02/2009
Ridgeway – R.P.R.A 02/02/2009
City of Manchester Stadium – TSA event 03/02/2009
Lonsdale Chase 05/02/2009
Tenants Forum 11/02/2009
Tenant Participation Committee 24/02/2009
Sheltered Housing Forum 26/02/2009
Bradshaw Residents Meeting 02/03/2009
Halton Bank tba
Grecian Street tba
Longdale tba
Eden Court tba
Hill Street tba
Jubilee Court tba
iN Panel tba

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